Get Creative with Glass Balls Photography

Did you know you manipulate the refraction everytime you shoot a photo? It is a phenomenon which causes a beam of light to bend if it touches a medium that could let light throughout, for example as lens or water. When light moves from one medium to another, the difference in density causes the refraction of light which drops at first glance. When the refraction occurs in a transparent hidden object, such as a glass sphere or perhaps a crystal ball, an inverted image of this scene creates.

Photography Sphere of all Crystal Lensball
Conquer the world using superbly unique curved photo effects with the exclusive crystal lensball. Create incredible, unpublished pictures of unique locations or catch a position like no other. The applications are infinite, as well as the results are always spectacular!

The material with the excessively spherical lens is made of ultra-clear glass. The crystal is exceptionally hard, resistant to scratches and is employed more in optics and lenses.

It is also very user friendly: as soon as you've found the perfect position, place it on any surface, point the camera at the center of this ball and then press the shutter button. Immediately produces a captivating image which will make you breathless.

This 60 mm glass lensball also offers the best potential photo effects due to the larger size. It weighs just 250 g and is hence great for traveling.

It is a excellent addition to your existing camera crew, that may arouse the interest of every one around you. The real benefit, however, is the fact that you're able to shoot unique, outstanding pictures that astonish everybody who sees them.

Each sphere is a special piece of art that creates unique photographic results. Everybody may have their characteristics. You will find no two equal, which makes the Lensball special. A velvet gift box comes with every purchase.

Do not touch with the crystal ball with both fingers on. Fingerprints become translated in to spots that could divert your records. It is also a good idea to leave the crystal in the shade when not in use. Caution is advisable, particularly when you use the crystal ball during daily. The light by the environment is focused on it also produces a sexy jet which can burn off it even trigger a fire.

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